Barbados NOT Affected by Hurricane Irma

While many islands in the Caribbean were devastated by the passage of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria in 2017, these systems did not make landfall in Barbados. Apart from large sea swells, Barbados did not experience any other effects. The track below shows the path taken by Hurricane Irma. Thankfully, both Irma and Maria kept far away from Barbados.

Hurricane Irma path

Not to be confused with Antigua & Barbuda in the Lesser Antilles, Barbados is a tiny island which sits close to the easternmost edge of the Caribbean Sea. Indeed, Barbados is not situate in the Caribbean Sea. Rather, it actually lies the Atlantic Ocean. Because of its unique position, Barbados usually escapes the impact of tropical storms and hurricanes.

Learn Your Geography

Barbados Hurricane Season

Barbados is not in the hurricane belt and has not seen a major hurricane since 1955. These systems usually gain strength after they pass Barbados and make their way up the Caribbean Island chain. Many Barbadians have become complacent that the island will never see a major hurricane. However, guests should monitor the weather during the hurricane season, and take such precautions as are necessary, if the government issues a Tropical Storm Warning.

The Barbados Hurricane Season officially starts on 1st June. However, most activity historically takes place between mid-August to mid-September- the summer months when ocean temperatures are warmest. While Barbados has not seen a major system since Plombagine Cottage commenced operations in 2012, we do have a hurricane plan in place. If a storm approaches, we will assist guests with preparations if they wish to stay. Otherwise, we will cancel upcoming reservations or allow guests to shorten their stay, penalty free, due to the impending storm.

Things To Do During the Summer

Barbados generally enjoys warm, sunny weather all year round. The sea on the West Coast tends to be calmer than the Atlantic on the eastern side of the island. Guests spending summer at Plombagine Cottage usually enjoy a number of fun activities. These include participation in the popular Crop Over Festival. Others enjoy beach activities, such as swimming with the turtles, snorkeling, and visits to many of the beautiful tourist attractions around the island. Summer is also the perfect time to travel with children. There are many activities for kids to enjoy, including boat tours and water sports.



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