Top 5 Restaurants Near Plombagine

With many great restaurants near Plombagine, you don’t have to venture far to find a delicious meal. Plombagine is ideally located on a public transportation route. With many places to eat out on the Barbados West Coast, there is no shortage of options. Below are our top five choices for dining out near Plombagine.

1. Lone Star

Within walking distance of Plombagine, you will find the world famous Lone Star Restaurant.  The Lone Star serves breakfast from 8:30 am and lunch from noon. Lone Star is open all day for desserts and drinks, and dinner from 6:30 in the evenings. Its woodstone oven pizzas, burgers and fries, and fish and chips are also a hit with children.

2. Juma’s Restaurant

Just a stone’s throw south of the Catholic Church, you will find this restaurant near Plombagine. Juma’s is little hidden treasure but a big hit with many of our guests. They have a reasonably priced menu and a great ambiance. Dining is available without a reservation.

3. Nishi Bar

For sushi lovers, we recommend this option. Nishi Restaurant at Holetown is known for amazing sushi and seafood. They also serve a range of Caribbean and Asian dishes and a selection of specialty cocktails. The restaurant also has a live band and a very nice atmosphere.

4. Tides Restaurant

Also located at Holetown, Tides offers an exquisite dining experience. In addition to an impressive wine list, Tide’s menu includes a special dinner vegetarian ensemble. Guest can feast on a number of delicious cocktails and desserts at lunch and dinner.

5. The Fish Pot

Head north to the Fish Pot where you will find the most enchanting waterfront setting. Located at Speightstown in St. Peter, the Fish Pot is known for its superbly fresh fish. The Fish Pot is our No. 1 recommendation for fine dining in the north of Barbados.

More Restaurants Near Plombagine

In addition to the restaurants above, check out our top recommendations for Barbados Nightlife. We also recommend Papa Earl’s, a local joint across from Plombagine. Papa Earl serves local food which includes healthy vegetarian dishes. Guests can also check out the Friday evening grill at the neighborhood shop just down from the property. For the best rum shop lime, we recommend John Moore’s Bar which is about a 5 min walk to Weston, or less than one minute drive from the propety. Enjoy!

Nightlife in Barbados

Barbados nightlife booms with excitement. Whether your preference is rum shops, karaoke and roadside grills; or upscale bars, sophisticated clubs and fine dining, Barbados has the perfect spot for you.  There are many great places to enjoy the nightlife in Barbados. In order of proximity to the Cottage, here are our Top recommendations for experiencing nightlife in Barbados.

Top Spots for Barbados Nightlife

1. Lone Star Restaurant

Less than 3 mins walk from Plombagine Cottage, the legendary Lone Star is one of the Top 5 Restaurants Nearby. The Lone Star is also popular with celebrities visiting Barbados. Dinner is served from 6:30 pm until 10:30 pm. However, the restaurant is open all day. Its menu offers an array of European delicacies blended with Caribbean influences.

2. John Moore’s Bar

Less than 2 mins drive away from Plombagine Cottage, John Moore Bar is a hit with both locals and tourists. In addition to the wide range of local and international rums, John Moore’s also serves locally caught fish. John Moore’s is the spot to meet up with locals and tourist to find discuss a wide range of topics. From what’s happening across the island to debating events unfolding on the international scene, John Moore Bar is that place for invigorating conversation and a super lively lime.

3. 1st and 2nd Street Holetown

Just a short 5 min drive south will land you at 1st and 2nd Street, Holetown.  Start at the beginning or start at the end- this U-shaped street is a hive of activity. On 1st Street, guests can dine at Angry Annies, enjoy a drink at the Oasis Bar, take in live entertainment at Raggamuffins, and end the night partying at the Red Door Lounge. Alternatively, guests can enjoy Indian food on 2nd Street,  For Old Year’s Night aka New Year’s Eve, 1st Street Holetown is the main attraction on the West Coast.

4. Limegrove Cinemas

For movie lovers, Limegrove Cinemas is the perfect spot on the West Coast. Limegrove has a nice ambiance and is the closest cinema to catch the latest movies. Guests can view the movie schedule on the Limegrove Cinemas website.

5. Roadside Grill at Paynes Bay

Heading in a southerly direction past Sandy Lane, you will find a fish fry serving the delicious roadside food on the West Coast, and possibly all of Barbados. Guests can stop here for grilled Mahi Mahi, Tuna, Blue Marlin, and Shrimp. They also serve juices made of local fruit, including mango, passion fruit, tamarind, and guava.

6. Harbor Lights

Barbados Nightlife Harbor Lights

Prepare to be mesmerized. Harbor Lights at Carlisle Bay takes you on a journey of authenticity, amusement and passion, every Monday and Wednesday evening with their Beach Extravaganza and Dinner Show. Harbor Lights is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the rhythms of three live, local bands. Enjoy a traditional Bajan style BBQ dinner accompanied by free-flowing drinks throughout the night.

7. St. Lawrence Gap

Considered the most popular tourist spot on the Barbados South Coast, St. Lawrence Gap comes alive with activity every night. Referred to by most locals as, “The Gap”, this road is the highlight of Bajan nightlife. Guests will find a wide selection of restaurants, clubs and roadside attractions.

8. Oistins Fish Fry

Not just your average fish fry, Oistins combines roadside food with music and dancing. Oistins Fish Fry comes alive every Friday and Saturday night. Satisfy your taste buds with an array of local cuisine, including grilled fish, jerked chicken, pork chops, ribs and shellfish served with rice, macaroni pie, salads, and fries.