Babysitting Arrangement Service

This option is ideal for guests who require babysitting services in Barbados. Our Babysitting Arrangement Service covers initiating contact with a babysitter on your behalf.  Simply add this service on the booking confirmation page. We will then contact you for further information about your specific requirements. Once we have your dates and times, we will contact the childcare agency to help you find an amazing babysitter who is the right match for your family.

Babysitting Arrangements Made Easy

We arrange babysitters through Trusted Care Providers. Based on the criteria we provide, they will assign a certified childcare professional to look after your little one(s) during your stay at Plombagine. Let us work with you to ensure that they select the right babysitter to match your family’s needs. We will make the necessary calls to ensure that your family is happy with the selected childcare professional. If you are not happy with the selection, you can work out further details with them directly.

Who Is Trusted Care Providers

Trusted Care Providers Logo- Babysitter, Babysitting, ChildcareTrusted Care Providers is a local company that provides childcare services, pet sitting services and care for the elderly. Their childcare professionals, namely babysitters, nannies, and tutors, come highly experienced. They thoroughly review each applicant’s passport, drivers’ license, birth certificate, and employment history. In addition, they also validate original qualifications and perform rigorous criminal background checks. Moreover, they work with several local hotels and come highly recommended.

Trusted Care Providers is an exclusive service to Barbados. Their goal is to provide an unforgettable vacation experience for your infant, child or teenager. Moreover, their highly trained professionals come to your location with art materials, games, activity books and much more. They immerse children in safe, fun and productive activities.


Help Finding Babysitting Services in Barbados

Let us help you find the right babysitter to create an unforgettable and unique vacation experience for your child during your stay with us.

You can order this service on booking confirmation page.