Spend Summer at Plombagine

Spend your summer in Barbados. Stay with us at Plombagine Cottage. Summer is a beautiful time to experience life and culture in Barbados. The island comes alive with celebrations to mark the end of the sugar cane season.

Beach or Bust

Summer is the perfect time to book a boat tour and see the coast from a different perspective. It’s also the perfect time to grab one of our beach chairs and spend a relaxing day on the beach. The ocean here is always lovely, but something magical happens to the water during the summer. The sea gets warmer, the water takes on a clear crystal-like glow, and the sand glitters like fairy dust. It draws you in and you just never want to leave. We can’t explain it any further- you just have to come and experience it for yourself. You can capture a little of the magic in a bottle before leaving, to remind you of your trip to Barbados.

Festival Time

Summer in Barbados is marked by the Crop Over festival. If you are in Barbados over the summer, ramp up your vacation with a visit to a Calypso Tent and enjoy the latest lyrics penned by local musicians. You can also check out the big competitions, including Party Monarch, Soca Monarch, and the Pic-o-de-Crop Finals.

In addition, you can take in some of the best local talent by attending the NIFCA Gala. This presentation of cultural and visual arts treats you to an experience of dramatic acts, poetry, plays, music, song, and dance.

If you can handle a whole day of dancing, we strongly recommend joining a Kadooment band, where you can “jump” from morning ’til evening to Road March music as you show off in costume. Kadooment presents awesome opportunities for potentially viral selfies, so seriously consider this option if you are looking to make big waves on the social media scene. Another great event is the Foreday Mornin’ Jam where you can “chip” from dust ’til dawn, party can’t done!

Rum Shops Galore

Barbados is the birthplace of rum. History records Barbados as the world’s first rum producer. Our spirits are a serious hit, in more ways that one, worldwide. There are many restaurants and bars near Plombagine Cottage where you can enjoy a nice, stiff drink. Rum mixed with Coke is a popular cocktail, especially in local bars and rum shops. Turn on your Bajan accent when ordering and ask for a Rum n Coke. You can thank us for this tip while sipping your libations.

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