Barbados News Updates

As Hurricane Michael barrels towards the United States coast and Tropical Storm Nadine churns in the Atlantic, we are breathing a sigh of relief that Barbados is not in the path of either of these systems.

9 October 2018- Hurricane Michael

After hammering the western point of Cuba, Hurricane Michael, a powerful Category 3 storm, is now approaching Florida. Fortunately, Barbados is not in the path of Hurricane Michael.  However, we will continue to monitor the progress of Michael, in the event of flight cancellations between Florida and Barbados.

9 October 2018- Tropical Storm Nadine

Tropical Storm Nadine is the most recent system to develop in the Atlantic. Forecasters expect that TS Nadine will dissipate in the Atlantic. While Tropical Storm Nadine is not expected to affect Barbados, we will continue to monitor this late bloomer for any change in course.

Recent Weather Updates

In the meantime, check out our updates on these recent storms:

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  2. Tropical Storm Isaac 2018;
  3. Hurricanes Irma and Maria 2017;

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Tropical Storm Kirk

28 September 2018- It’s Over

After raining, cats and dogs.. and sheep, goats, cows, monkeys and every other animal you can think of, Tropical Storm Kirk finally left the building. Tropical Storm Kirk dumped several inches of rain on Barbados before making its way into the Caribbean Sea.  Perplexing the minds of many meterorologists and weather watchers, the eye separated from the storm, leaving storm clouds behind to dump heavy showers over Barbados for several hours. Heavy rains caused severe flooding in some areas and persons had to be rescued from their homes and from vehicles. Images and videos spread across social media showing some of the brave resue missions. There were also power outages and disruption of internet and telephone service in some areas. Services have since been restored and flooding has receded. It’s back to business as usual and and schools reopen on Monday. This ends our journal on Tropical Storm Kirk.

27 September 2018- No Shutdown for Kirk

The Barbados Met Office continues to monitor the progress of Tropical Storm Kirk. However, no island wide shut down has been issued.

According to the National Hurricane Center: “Kirk has not changed much overnight.  Although the storm is producing a large area of deep convection, the cloud pattern is not very well organized with the centre located near the southwestern edge of the thunderstorms.  This asymmetric cloud pattern is due to about 20 kt of southwesterly shear.  The Air Force Hurricane Hunters passed through the northeastern quadrant of Kirk a few hours ago and found winds to support the same intensity of 45 kt. In addition, quality control of a ship report that came in around the same time also supports that intensity.  Another Air Force plane is scheduled to investigate Kirk later this morning.

A large fetch of strong upper-level westerly or southwesterly winds are over the entire Caribbean Sea, and Kirk will be moving into these conditions during the next few days.  These very hostile winds aloft should cause Kirk to steadily weaken, decouple, and ultimately dissipate in 3 or 4 days.  The GFS and ECMWF models suggest that dissipation could occur even sooner.  The intensity models are in good agreement, and the NHC forecast is the same as the previous one.

Center fixes from the Air Force reconnaissance aircraft indicate that Kirk is moving west-northwestward at 14 kt.  A continued west-northwest motion but at a slower pace is expected during the next few days as Kirk moves on the south side of a low- to mid-level ridge.  The latest models have not changed much, and the NHC track forecast lies near the middle of the guidance envelope.  This forecast takes Kirk across the Lesser Antilles later today as a tropical storm.”

26 September 2018- #CreepyKirk is Back

Tropical Storm Kirt Regenerates

Like a stalker ex who refuses to go away, Tropical Storm Kirk regenerates and once again sets his eye on the Caribbean. Looking better than he did before, Kirk is packing maximum sustained winds of 40 MPH and moving at a slower pace of 18 MPH. Kirk is forecast to pass to the north of Barbados tomorrow, Thursday 27 September 2018.  Tropical Storm warnings are in effect for Barbados, St. Lucia, Dominica, Martinique and Guadeloupe. A Tropical Storm Watch is in effect for St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

According to the National Hurricane Center: “At 200 PM AST (1800 UTC), the center of Tropical Storm Kirk was located near latitude 12.5 North, longitude 55.0 West.  Kirk is moving toward the west near 18 mph (30 km/h).  A westward to west-northwestward motion is expected over the next few days.  On the forecast track, the center will move over the Lesser Antilles within the Tropical Storm Warning area Thursday night. Reports from an Air Force Hurricane Hunter aircraft indicate that the maximum sustained winds have increased to near 60 mph (95 km/h) with higher gusts.  Little change in strength is forecast until Kirk crosses the Lesser Antilles, followed by weakening over the eastern Caribbean Sea. Tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 115 miles (185 km) from the center. The minimum central pressure estimated from Air Force Hurricane Hunter observations is 998 MB (29.47 inches).”

25 September 2018- Remnants of Kirk

Meteorologists are still watching the remnants of Kirk, as there is a possibility that the system could regenerate. We will keep monitoring this system, in the event that it manages to reincarnate. Check back for further updates.

24 September 2018- Kirk Bye!

Remnants of Tropical Storm Kirk

7 PM- The remnants of Kirk are looking super suspicious! There is a possibility that this system may reorganize. We will keep monitoring and provide further updates if necessary.

11 AM- Looks like Kirk got the Memo from ZariaTime. Tropical Storm Kirk has “fizzled out” as instructed. According to the National Hurricane Center, the system has dissipated and there will be no further updates unless it regenerates.

5 AM-  As at 5 AM this morning, the system was still a tropical depression.  However, further strengthening is expected as the system approaches the Caribbean. In fact, the National Hurricane Center is predicting that the system will regain tropical storm status by tomorrow. The current forecast track now shows the system passing to the south of Barbados. There are no watches or warnings in effect for the system at this time.

23 September 2018- Tropical Depression Kirk

11 PM- It looks like Kirk got the Memo from ZariaTime! Tropical Storm Kirk has weakened to a Tropical Depression. However, the storm is expected to reintensify as it moves closer to the Caribbean. We will continue to monitor this system closely.

23 September 2018- Tropical Storm Kirk Update

Tropical Storm Kirk

11 AM- Tropical Storm Kirk is moving even faster now, at 21 MPH. Forecasters from the National Hurricane Center expect that the storm will gain some more strength. The current models are still predicting that this system will pass directly over or very close to Barbados.

5 AM- The early morning report from the National Hurricane Center shows that Kirk is cruising across the Atlantic at a speed of 18 MPH. On the current track, Tropical Storm Kirk should reach the Caribbean around Thursday morning. The current forecast looks threatening for Barbados, as the models forecast this system passing directly over the island. However, nature is unpredictable, and the system could change course or even dissipate before it reaches the Caribbean. We will continue to monitor the weather channels and update our guests here with new developments.

22 September 2018- Tropical Storm Kirk Develops

Tropical Storm Kirk

11 AM – We have just started tracking Tropical Storm Kirk, which has developed off the coast of Africa. According to current projections from the National Hurricane Center, this system has adopted a course which may bring it in direct contact with Barbados. We will, therefore, be providing updates over the coming days. Given its distance away from the islands, there are no warnings or watches in place for this system as yet. However, it is likely that the system will start to affect the islands around Thursday next week.

Check our Blog regularly for updates.

Tropical Storm Isaac Barbados

13 September 2018- Bye Tropical Storm Isaac!

All is well with Barbados! Just a little rain here and there.. nothing remarkable to report.. although some thunderstorms may occur later today and into the night. We may also experience some rough seas and therefore sea bathers should exercise caution. In the meantime, Tropical Storm Isaac continues to weaken as it moves into the Caribbean Sea.  The 11 am map from the National Hurricane Center shows that Isaac has already moved past Barbados. We therefore end our updates here. Thanks for tracking this system with us at Plombagine Cottage!

12 September 2018- Tropical Storm Isaac Weakens

-The 5 pm National Hurricane Center advisory states that some additional weakening will occur over the next 48 hrs.

-According to the 8 am Public Advisory from the National Hurricane Center (NHC), Tropical Storm Isaac has lost some strength since yesterday. The NHC Public Advisory states that maximum sustained winds are near 60 mph (95 km/h) with higher gusts. In addition, gradual weakening is likely over the next few days. Tropical storm warnings are in effect for Dominica, Guadeloupe, and Martinique. However, there are no watches or warnings in effect for Barbados.

According to the Barbados Meteorological Services, Tropical storm-force winds of this system extend outward up to 105 miles from the center. However, the center of Tropical Storm Isaac will pass about 100 to 150 miles (160 to 240 km) north of Barbados early on Thursday morning. As such, Barbados is not within range of the tropical storm-force winds of this system. Nevertheless, Barbados will experience rain and possibly intermittent thunderstorms from the outer bands of the system as it progresses through the Caribbean Sea. Guests at Plombagine Cottage should therefore exercise caution if going to the beach today.


11 September 2018- Tropical Storm Isaac

Tropical Storm Isaac after downgrade from Hurricane Isaac

As at 11 am this morning, Tropical Storm Isaac was inching closer to the Caribbean. The National Hurricane Center notes that the system may regain hurricane strength and then weaken again, before reaching the Caribbean. However, Tropical Storm Isaac is maintaining a course which will take it across the central Lesser Antilles at or near hurricane strength around Thursday.  Hurricane watches are in effect for the islands of Dominica, Guadeloupe, and Martinique. A Hurricane watch means that hurricane conditions are expected within the watch area within 24 hours.

The Barbados Met Services expects that on the current track, the center of Tropical Storm Isaac is likely to pass about 150 miles (240 km) north of Barbados on Thursday. As such, no tropical storm or hurricane watches are in effect for Barbados at this time. Some scattered showers, isolated thunderstorms, and occasional gusty winds may occur on Wednesday. Although Plombagine Cottage is on the western side of Barbados, Isaac may cause some sea swells as it approaches the Caribbean region from the Atlantic on the eastern side of the island. Guests may, therefore, experience some rough seas and should accordingly exercise caution when going to the beach.

10 September 2018- Isaac Downgraded to Tropical Storm

The 11 pm advisory from the National Hurricane Center states that Hurricane Isaac has weakened to a tropical storm. However, the NHC expects the system will be at or near hurricane strength when it reaches the Caribbean. The system is likely to start affecting the Caribbean Region around Thursday. However, the system is still not likely to make landfall in or near Barbados.

10 September 2018- Hurricane Isaac Update

Hurricane Isaac Mon 10 Sept 2018

5 AM: Hurricane Isaac remains a Category 1 hurricane. According to the National Hurricane Center, the system is moving in a westerly direction towards the Caribbean, at a speed of 13mph. Maximum sustained winds are reportedly 75mph. Viewing the track forecast by the NHC, at this moment the system is not expected to make landfall in Barbados. However, Barbados is likely to get some showers as the system moves through the Leeward Islands. The Barbados Meteorological Services Office notes that it may become necessary to place Barbados under a watch or a warning as the system moves closer. However, there are no tropical storm watches or warnings in effect for Barbados at this time.

9 September 2018- Tracking Hurricane Isaac

As at 11 pm, the system was upgraded to hurricane status. Hurricane Isaac is now the 5th hurricane to form this 2018 Atlantic Season. Hurricane Isaac is slowly making its way towards the Caribbean. However, the system has increased speed from its previously recorded 9mph and is now moving at 14mph, according to the National Hurricane Center. Hurricane Isaac is still on a course to impact the Caribbean around Wednesday or Thursday this week.

9 September 2018- Tracking Tropical Storm Isaac

Photo Credit: National Hurricane Center-Tropical Storm Isaac approaching Caribbean Sunday 9 September 2018

Tropical Storm Isaac continues to gain strength as it churns its way across the Atlantic Ocean. As at 5 pm Sunday, 9 September 2018, the system was still a tropical storm. However, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) expects that the system will reach hurricane strength by tonight. According to NHC Advisory No. 9, the system will move across the Lesser Antilles by Wednesday or Thursday this week. The models predict that the system is likely to pass well north of Barbados. However, guests at Plombagine Cottage should continue to monitor the progress of Tropical Storm Isaac as it makes its way towards the Caribbean. While Hurricane Irma made landfall in the British Virgin Islands in 2017 at Category 5 strength, Barbados was lucky and hopes to have another uneventful hurricane season.

Experience Crop Over Festival

The Crop Over Festival is the most adored summer festival in Barbados. It dates back to the 1780’s when the island was the world’s biggest producer of sugar. The Crop Over celebration commences in May- the end of the sugar cane season. The season spans twelve weeks and culminates the first Monday in August with the Grand Kadooment celebration.  It’s a great time to spend summer at Plombagine Cottage!

Plombagine Cottage, Crop Over Festival

Crop Over marks the end of a successful sugar cane harvest. The festival was shut down from the 1940s until 1974 because of the declining of the sugar industry. When the festival was revived, it was enriched with many other elements of the Barbadian culture. This festival now attracts thousands of people from around the world.

Crop Over Highlights

The Crop Over festival begins with the Opening Gala and Ceremonial Delivery of the Last Canes and the Crowning of the King and Queen of the Festival. The King and Queen are the most productive male and female cane cutters in a given year.

Bridgetown Market

The Bridgetown Market features an array of food and beverage stands with endless culinary delights.  If you’re considering investing in the food & beverage sector in Barbados, you can use the Crop Over events as a jump start to promote your new business. Besides the food and beverage stands, there are also local arts and craft stands, so it is a great time to shop for souvenirs.


Another major attraction is the Cohobblopot show. It resembles a pageant where bands display their stunning costumes on stage while calypsonians perform for the audience.

Kiddie’s Kadooment

Children can take part in the Kiddies Kadooment and show off their costumes before the judges.


The Crop Over festival further highlights Barbadian history and culture through folk concerts, art exhibitions, photo exhibitions, and music. Not surprisingly, one of the main features of the festival is Calypso music. Calypsonians compete for exceptional prizes and titles such as Party Monarch, Sweet Soca Monarch, Road March Monarch, and Pic-O-De-Crop Monarch. The final calypso competition, Pic-O-De-Crop, is followed by the Fore-Day Morning Jam. These are just a few of the many events that kick off during the Crop Over season.

Grand Kadooment

The Crop Over finale is the Grand Kadooment. It is a big carnival parade that features bands with revelers wearing elaborate, and in some cases, very skimpy, costumes. Bands depict various themes and compete for the coveted Band of the Year prize. Others are just there to feel their magnificent energy and enjoy the good vibes. The street parade commences at the National Stadium and concludes several miles away at Spring Garden. When the revelers arrive at Spring Garden, the party continues with fantastic music, food and drinks, and maybe a quick swim at the beach. This is definitely an event that you should capture if you are in Barbados for the summer.

Visit the National Cultural Foundation website to learn more about Crop Over and find out about upcoming events.